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  • Couples Counseling

    Human beings are created for relationships, and it is true that we are hurt in relationships and also healed in relationships. 

    Therapy can be a catalyst to move your relationship from a place of hurting to healing. I work from a family systems and attachment perspective. We all have ways (mostly unconscious) that we attach to our partner (examples are avoidant, pleaser, anxious, controller attachment) . Our partner also comes with his/her own type of attachment style. Through bringing awareness to the way we relate/attach and doing the work around it; your relationship can get to a place of healing and wholeness that has yet to be experienced.

    Areas of Professional Experience:

    Learn to identify and manage major stressors

    Develop a more balanced relationship

    Process relational issues with in-laws

    Explore family of origin issues

    Discuss money issues such as financial planning and budgeting

    Understand and appreciate personality differences

    Gain new tools to better manage conflict

    Restore trust and respect in the relationship

    Recover from Infidelity

    Effectively parent as a team

    Recognize and change destructive habits for a more satisfying relationship

    Rebuild intimacy and maintain connectedness

    Explore strength and growth areas

    I also offer individualized premarital counseling that covers key areas relating to marital compatibility and marital preparedness. 

    Together, we explore the following:


    Conflict Resolution

    Family of Origin

    Financial Management

    Leisure Activities

    Sexuality and Affection

    Family and Friends

    Relationship Roles

    Children and Parenting

    Spiritual Beliefs